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"I've seen lots of startup innovation efforts from lots of companies, none better than the BMW Startup Garage. They understand both sides, the startups and the company's and they are not just scouting innovation but actually making sure it gets implemented." Richard Ahlfeld
Founder, Monolith
"The BMW Startup Garage has been a great partner for Embotech, guiding us through the process from early discussions to PoC and onwards. Through the Startup Garage we got access to several departments within the BMW Group and a visibility that would be very difficult to get otherwise. It has also given us a view into the BMW Group's development processes and decision making, which was paramount for our success in the project." Andreas Kyrtatos
CEO, Embotech AG
"The BMW Startup Program is definitely unique because it’s really well organized. It’s pretty tightly, coupled with internal structures of the BMW Group itself, what really helps to do the matchmaking which is a key at many engagements." Felix Heide
CTO, Algolux
"With the support of the BMW Startup Garage, fast-growth companies are markedly changing the future of mobility and automation. Our participation in the program has led to fantastic opportunities for networking and collaboration with innovators and visionaries around the globe." HanBin Lee
CEO, Seoul Robotics
"Partnering with the Startup Garage has been a great experience. They connected us with teams across the BMW Group - teams that want to accelerate delivering on BMW's global data exchange vision by building real-time data applications with Vendia" Shruthi Rao
Co-Founder & CBO, Vendia
"Clear, well structured, transparent and extremely fast processes help startups to quickly and directly work together with the relevant business units and build a long-term relationship with the BMW Group." Christian Piechnick
CEO, Wandelbots
"The ability to work with BMW Startup Garage folks, to understand the point of contacts from different departments, it would have been impossible to do that by ourselves." John Xin
CEO, Lunewave
"Working with BMW Startup Garage has been an exceptionally positive experience for Hazy as the team clearly understands how to work with transformational technology companies like us. The success of our pilot is thanks to the fantastic support and great people who have allowed us to make data provisioning for testing within BMW's Credit Risk Rating team more than 10 times faster. This is a huge opportunity for us to put synthetic data at the heart of BMW's innovation programe." Andrew Keen
Chief of Operating Officer, Hazy Ltd.
"You get to work with their innovation people, and then they do a great job of bringing in people from other product divisions." Randall Corell
Head of Enterprise Collaboration and Services, QC Ware

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