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The BMW Startup Garage program is a great opportunity to gain the BMW Group as your client by conducting a proof of concept project directly with the business unit that benefits most from your solution. We look for startups that have cutting edge solutions for any of our divisions: automotive, mobility services, manufacturing, IT, sales & marketing and HR.


  • BMW use case
  • Functional product or prototype
  • Full-time team
  • Funding from institutional investor
  • Legal entity

I. About My Startup:
To start the process of gaining the BMW Group as your client, just fill out the Partnership Form below. Shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

II. Due diligence:
Next, we evaluate if  your solution – a technology, product or service – fits and can make a contribution to innovation @BMW.

III. Unit One Request for Proposal:
Once impressed by your solution, we will send you a Request for Proposal. Here we specify what Proof of Concept project we would like to conduct.

IV. Acceptance:
Final stage is to fine-tune your proposal. At agreement, you join our program and get a BMW purchase order. Congrats! You just gained a new client: the BMW Group.

Sounds good! Then start submitting info about your startup. More questions? Please see our Startup Partnership Guidelines and FAQ.

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