Sustainable Supply Chain

Our aim is for the greenest electric vehicle to come from the BMW Group. To achieve this, we are working with the best suppliers worldwide and have set ourselves ambitious goals: We aim to reduce CO2 emissions in our supplier network by 20% by 2030. At the same time, we contractually require our high environmental and social standards to be met not only by our direct suppliers, but throughout the entire supplier network. We monitor this via audits and using various digital tools. The use of recycled raw materials will also become increasingly important.

We are looking for innovative solutions to analyze, optimize and verify our goals and sustainability standards in our supplier network.

Bernhard Horst
Lead at BMW Startup Garage for Purchasing Digitalisation and Autonomous Driving
"Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in our supplier network, from the selection of materials to low-carbon production and the use of recycled raw materials. When optimizing our processes, we consider the entire value chain."