Connected & Intelligent Car
Digital technologies are part of BMW Group’s core because hardware and software are of equal importance for premium cars. Our mission is to integrate advanced digital technologies with highest product excellence to enhance our customers’ experience and driving pleasure even more.

Electromobility is on a continuous rise and the BMW Group is set to strengthen its role as a pioneer in e-mobility. By 2023, the BMW Group will have 25 electrified models on the road, half of which will be fitted with an all-electric drive, making innovative technologies in this field all the more relevant.

Automated Driving
As automated driving is an undeniable trajectory of automotive mobility, future BMW vehicles will be prepared for automated driving, making consistent innovation and discovery of relevant technologies essential.

Future User Interfaces
The BMW Group is committed to integrating future UI/UX concepts, future display technologies as well as innovative and sustainable materials into the vehicles that enable entirely new interior and exterior solutions. Smart and technology supported innovations allow for forward-thinking and intuitive user interactions for drivers and passengers. Additionally, the thoughtful selection of materials also plays an important role in supporting the responsible use of resources at the BMW Group.