Open Call closed – Thank you to all of the startups that registered.

Can you make mobility sustainable?

The BMW Group has set itself ambitious goals to increase sustainability. We are striving for a holistic approach – from the supply chain through vehicle production to the use phase and recycling.

To achieve these ambitious goals, we launched the Open Call for startups worldwide to participate in our 360° Sustainability Challenge and achieve a long-term impact throughout our entire product lifecycle. The BMW Group already recognized the power of startups when it created the BMW Startup Garage in 2015, with the aim of enabling valuable technology transfer. The Open Call is officially closed, but we thank the startups that have applied to our Open Call and we are looking forward to reviewing the impact and sustainable contribution they can have on the BMW Group.

What are the startups gaining?As the BMW Group’s Venture Client Unit, we are hosting the 360° Sustainability Challenge to form new partnerships and secure technology transfer. In this way, startups are able to win the BMW Group as a venture client and also gain access to the automotive industry.

Our application phase has come to a close. From this pool of startup registrations, we will select leading startups with cutting edge solutions for each innovation field. The top startups with the biggest impact on sustainability for the BMW Group will not only benefit from insights and direct feedback from our BMW experts, but will also be able to join the BMW Startup Garage program and gain the BMW Group as a premium client.

Roadmap to our Venture
Client Program

The Open Call: 360° Sustainability Challenge is officially closed to applicants. The BMW Startup Garage will now assess the startups technologies’ impact for the BMW Group. The best solutions will receive direct access to our venture client program. This is your opportunity to become a significant contributor to the mobility solutions of tomorrow within less than six months.
Registration Opens
The registration phase for the 360° Sustainability Challenge opens. Registration Phase:
The Open Call runs from April until the end of June. Every startup fulfilling the criteria listed below may submit its information during this phase.
Kick-Off Event
During an exclusive virtual event, registered startups will have the chance to learn more about the program and the seven fields in which startups can apply.
Registration Deadline
The registration phase for the 360° Sustainability Challenge will close after two months and we will begin the screening process. Evaluation Phase:
We will screen all startup applications for our 360° Sustainability Challenge and evaluate whether the startups meet our criteria and if their technologies can deliver a sustainable impact in one of the proposed fields.
Late July
Open Demo Day
The most impactful startups will be given the opportunity to pitch their solution to BMW experts and convince them of its merits. This is your chance to win the BMW Group as a client! Prep for Program:
The BMW Startup Garage and additional stakeholders within the BMW Group will decide which startup solution can have the greatest impact on the defined innovation fields within the 360° Sustainability Challenge and are ready to start a pilot project.
What's Next?
The final winners will be recognized at the IAA Mobility in Munich in September.
The startups that make it into the BMW Startup Garage venture client program will get to build, learn, network and sell their solution to the leading premium automotive manufacturer. Learn more about our program here.

360° Sustainability

The success of the BMW Group has always been based on long-term thinking and responsible action. The company has therefore established environmental and social sustainability throughout its value chain and made comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to conserving resources an integral part of its strategy. All startups that registered for our Open Call have a solution contributing to the sustainable impact in one of the following innovation fields!

Recyclable Materials


Sustainable Supply Chain


Energy-Efficient Production


Mobile Intelligence


Intelligent Building Management


Customer-Centric Mobility


Sustainable Technologies


Wild Card


What kind of startups are we looking for?

  • Your startup’s product, service or technology has a compelling use case to improve the sustainability of any BMW Group Division: Automotive, Mobility Services, Manufacturing, IT, Sales & Marketing or HR. Your solution can originate from or be applied to other industries.
  • Your startup has a functioning prototype or working product. Prototypes must be mature enough to be integrated and validated in a BMW Group Division.
  • Your startup has a full-time team including CEO, CTO, CMO, and/or other chief level positions.
  • Your startup has graduated from an equity accelerator or has funding from a professional venture capitalist.
  • Your startup must be a legal entity of any country. (Inc., LLC, GmbH, etc.)
  • The Open Call 360° Sustainability Challenge is closed for registration, but you can still send us your startup information through our general partnership form

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The BMW Startup Garage is located in Munich. Do we have to come to Munich in order to participate?

What happens if I do not make it to the final round?

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