What about money? Do you buy our technology or do you invest? How much?

The BMW Startup Garage is a Venture Client for startups, not Venture Capital. This means, we purchase a first unit of your technology, not your equity. BMW becomes your first automotive client, not your shareholder. Once accepted into the program you get a supplier number and a purchase order.The money you receive when accepted to the program is a payment for a prototype of your technology and the costs associated with its integration and validation. This payment accounts as revenue. It is not an equity investment.Having gained BMW Group as a client, should make it easier for you to raise venture capital and increase your valuation.How much do you pay for the prototype integration? This depends on the complexity of your technology. We have no set limit.What cost are covered? All costs related to the integration and validation of your technology, including materials, travel, etc. Once you receive our requirements, you will be able to propose a budget.