Is the BMW Startup Garage an accelerator?

Nope. We are the Venture Client unit for early stage startups for the BMW Group. As a Venture Client, we take startups that graduated from accelerators. We focus on validating their prototypes, helping them learn about the automotive industry and connecting them with decision makers for business development. For that, startups work directly with our engineers and managers on real innovation projects. They get a supplier number and purchase order, and they invoice us for their technology, products and services. In comparison, accelerators generally focus on activities that help entrepreneurs getting their business started, such as building first prototypes and business models, establishing a legal structure, identifying target clients and raising seed funding.Accelerators do not function as a client of a startup. We do. Which is why we build on the invaluable work of accelerators. We are the natural next step in the evolution of a startup: a Venture Client – not another accelerator.