Circular Economy & Sustainability

The BMW Group made sustainability and resource efficiency central to the company’s strategic direction, anchored in all divisions. New environmentally-friendly approaches and sustainable technologies are now more crucial than ever at the BMW Group.

Data & Analytics

The BMW Group is striving to enlarge its company-wide portfolio of applications supporting data-driven decisions, making the collection and smart analysis of data a key enabler across the entire value chain.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is a central element of the digital transformation process at the BMW Group. The BMW Group already uses AI throughout the value chain to generate added value for customers, products, employees and processes while striving for continuous innovation and improvement.

Future Computing

The use of highly advanced computers is essential to ensure the highest levels of performance in all areas and products of the BMW Group. The BMW Group identified the potential of future computing technologies such as quantum and neuromorphic computing early on and is investigating how these technologies can be used to advance the mobility sector.

Cyber Security

Cyber security and data protection are top priorities for the BMW Group and it puts a special focus on the security, integrity and availability of our data and systems and thus also on those of our customers, employees and partners. Ongoing innovations and improvements in cyber security are indispensable for the entirety of the BMW Group and its products.

Intelligent Business Processes

The BMW Group is developing technologies that will shape the future mobility landscape. It is essential to develop digital, interconnected, and agile business processes to strengthen the BMW Group’s role as a high-tech company.